DadoTech has a unique SMS based Invoicing Solution. The tax invoices or bills that organisations send out to consumers on a monthly basis are a key interface between the organisation and its customers or clients.

Using a SMS platform provides the organisation with a timely invoice delivery mechanism, as SMSs are instant and a large majority of clients/customers own cellphones.

Our SMS Invoicing System will be integrated with either an existing client/customer database, in order to gather the necessary data which makes up the individual client/customer invoice. The client/customer invoice will then be sent to him/her via a SMS.

All SMS Invoices meet the minimum standard requirements for an invoice. These minimum standard requirements include:

  • Invoice is issued monthly
  • Client/customer name and account number
  • Opening Balance is displayed
  • Basic itemisation of the bill for the respective month
  • Current Balance of the client/customer
  • Date which the amount is payable